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CACABEY PLANETARIUM Producing the newest technologies emerging in the world, in our country, and in the electronics sector.  Cacabey Planetarium, which has become the leading company in the information technologies sector in Turkey by making domestic productions, offers efficient and affordable systems that include the latest technologies. It uses the technological systems necessary for the progress of our country and its place among the developed countries in the private and public sectors. It is a company that supports its personnel with domestic and international trainings to produce top-notch solutions and to acquire the ability to work smoothly for many years. Cacabey Planetarium  co-founder Dt. With its strong team led by Uğur Özen, it produces modern planetarium devices and equipment in our country and continues its R&D studies.

CONTACT US;  You can watch a magical presentation in the planetarium, you can watch presentations not only on astronomy, but also on physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences. You can create a magical environment in your institutions with our mobile and fixed planetarium options.


astropark  Cacabey Planetarium is a brand. Cacabey Planetarium, which has made rapid progress in the fields of R&D and fulldome education since its establishment, established its first brand with Astropark.

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